The Perfect Day – Chapter 2

She means nothing to you in that way. You need to stop thinking about her like that. Just stop she’s getting married.  She loves someone else.  You will find someone else.

Before Charlie put his car into drive the song that she finally finished dedicating was the song that they agreed to as their favorite song when they were 14.  Sweet Love by Anita Baker.

Charlie changed the station, and felt a single tear drop from his eye.  He wiped it quickly so that no one would see that this song makes him cry or even worse, keep thinking about the one that got away so to speak.

He finally got home and just threw his keys onto the table not realizing that they just slid across it and fell to the ground. The first thing he grabbed was a beer out of the fridge and then looked down on the counter there is was.

The wedding invitation.

He honestly didn’t even care at that point anymore.  What’s the use, she’s getting married in two weeks.  And she really wants me to go to their wedding.  I don’t know if I can be there for that.  I love her too much to even try to think about her.

But it was too late, he RSVP’d a while ago, thinking he didn’t care anymore and buried his feelings then.  Now he’s just a mess.

Trying to think of every excuse he could think of not go to this wedding just made everything worse.  He slumped in his couch with a beer in one hand and the TV remote in the other, and his thumb wouldn’t stop.

He kept flipping through the channels, he wasn’t in the mood for TV but he needed to get his mind off of her.  He tilted his head as well as the beer to get every last drop of it.  The beer was done.

Should I have another? Nah, but I’m going to.

He got up from his slumped couch and walked over to the fridge dizzily, he was tipsy after his first beer already.  After the entire six pack he stopped flipping through channels, and stumbled his way to his room.

The moonlight was hitting this box like he was supposed to look inside of it.

Like it was a sign or something.  So Charlie looked in this box and found old pictures of Dani and himself at parties, at school, at dances, even though they were never together they would always take pictures with each other.

While flipping through the pictures Charlie found one picture, really close to his heart.  It was a picture of him and Dani at the senior prom.  Charlie wasn’t really the most popular kid in school, and the girl he asked out, stood him up.  She went to the prom, just not with Charlie.  Dani felt bad so she took pictures with him, danced with him, and just hung out with him the whole night.

Charlie really thought they had some kind of connection.  While looking through the pictures he started to feel his eyes water up, felt his heart cling to his chest, and felt his nose become drippy.

Finally he stopped himself from crying and he slowly got up from where he was sitting on the floor, and tried to rush out the door.  The first place he went to was Dani’s parents house.

He thought since the wedding is soon she came to visit her parents and talk to them about the wedding.  He pressed the doorbell as many times as he could before someone answered the door.  Dani’s mom answered the door, she had this puzzled but worried look on her face.

“Charlie are you okay sweetie? You look like you’ve been drinking too much.”

Charlie tried to keep himself together, and tried to get the words he was thinking from his brain out through his mouth.

“I’m looking for Dani, is she here? Do you know where she is? Where can I find her?” He couldn’t remember where she lived, so he kept repeating the same questions over and over again.

Dani’s mom looked confused but she simply said that she’s not here but she should be at her apartment.  Charlie left in a hurry without saying a word. While trying to find her apartment, he keeps replaying that moment of when she told him about the engagement.

Ugh I’m so stupid! I should’ve told her how I really felt, not that I was happy for her!

When he got to get her apartment he rang her doorbell as many times as he could before she answered it.

Relax! Who the hell is this?! said Dani.

It’s me Charlie he said in his slurred drunken voice.

She buzzed him in, as he stumbled to go up the stairs, Dani was waiting at her door for Charlie.  She was worried that he hasn’t made it up the stairs yet, so she went to go check up on him.  She found Charlie making his way up the stairs, barely.

Oh my God Charlie! Are you okay? What are you doing here!


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