The Perfect Day – Chapter 3

Charlie looked at her and just saw pure beauty. Her hair was in a messy bun, wearing a plain white tee that one side slid off her shoulder a little, ripped jeans, and no make up.

You’re so beautiful.

She thanked him while walking to her apartment and holding Charlie up.  She kept asking him how much he’s had to drink, and he kept replying it’s not important.

They got to her apartment.  She told Charlie to sit down on her faux black leather slumpy couch while she gets him some water.  After she sat Charlie down, he tried getting right back up.  He needed to tell her how he truly felt.

When he finally got up he had stumbled his way to her, and again his heart began clinging to his chest, his lungs felt like they were going to be sealed airtight, and felt his breath shorten as well as he felt his face start to leak with sweat and tears.

He finally had the courage.  He wanted to tell her in words how he felt, but he couldn’t figure out which of those words would mean the most. So he put his hand on her shoulder, turned her around and just kissed her.  Dani was shocked at first, but she kissed him back.

The only thing that broke this kiss was Charlie’s subconscious.

Charlie stopped the kiss, and apologized.  He felt so stupid.  He thought that he would feel so much better after that, but he felt even worse.  He went and kissed another man’s woman.

Dani tried to calm him down by telling him that if she didn’t want to kiss him, she would have stopped him.  Charlie’s face was leaking like a fountain at this point.  He couldn’t control himself.  He slumped into her couch with his head buried between his legs and hands on the back of his neck.

She tried to comfort him by hugging him.  She told him if he’s okay with it he can sleep on the couch.  But Charlie refused the offer.  He just simply apologized to her, and walked home going over in his head on what he had just done.  Before Charlie left he told her that he doesn’t want to be the reason for anything, so if she could kind of forget what happened until after the wedding.  As much as he wanted to be with her, he wanted to see her happy.

Walking home slowly, if he walked any faster he would be even more dizzy and just completely pass out in the middle of the street.

He ended up passing by Dani’s parent’s place once again, but kept going because he didn’t want to wake them, and he still wasn’t sober enough to apologize to them.  He finally found his way up to his apartment and just crashed down on his bed.

The morning after he went to the bathroom and just threw up until he finally had nothing left in him.  He brushed his teeth a good five times before he did anything else. He used mouthwash every ten minutes before he left the apartment.  Once he got dressed for work, he left a little early to go apologize to Dani’s parents.  Her mother opened the door once again.  She was shocked but happy that he showed up again.

Did you find her? she asked with a cheeky smile.

Yes, he said, but I just want to apologize to you and your husband for bothering you last night, especially because I was completely drunk.

She told him everything is alright and no one got hurt so everything is fine.

When Charlie was at work, he left his phone in the car.  He got back from shooting the show, and saw that he had seven missed calls.  Three from his mother, two from his friend David, one from his dad, and one from Dani.  They all left voicemails, so he tried to listen to all of them before he listened to hers.

He wasn’t sure on why she was calling.  He felt his anxiety take over his body when he listened to all the voicemails.  When he got to hers he was nervous to press the play button, but he did.  When her voice came on, Charlie closed his eyes and just imagined her face in his mind.

Dani’s voice sounded like she had just lost one of her favorite stuffed animals she had since she was five or something.

Hey Charlie, umm I just wanted to say thanks for coming over last night. Uhh wow this is harder than I thought, but um I just wish you would have kissed me sooner, but I know you want me to be happy. Just know that I love you. Always have always will. Goodbye Charlie.

Charlie felt his heart beat faster like he was doing racecar laps at 200 miles per hour.  She has loved him all this time and she said nothing to him.  He moped around all these years trying to figure out how to ask her out, how to tell her he loved her.

It took one stupid drunken night to give him the courage to get up there and show her how he really felt.  He kept replaying that kiss over and over in his head, that feeling he had in his stomach.  It was a good one. That was the feeling of knowing she was the one for him.  The only one.  But she was taken and getting married.


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