The Perfect Day – Final Chapter

Two weeks flew by, and not a single word had been said between Dani and Charlie. Charlie grew restless the day of the wedding.

He wanted to look perfect for Dani, but then he thought, I’m not the groom, I’m not the one getting ready for the biggest day of my life. So he wore his black suit, white button down shirt, and no tie, he slicked back his hair to make himself look somewhat decent up there.

He unbuttoned the first two or three buttons to make it more casual so he doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard.  When it time to leave for the church Charlie took one more glance of himself in the mirror and said, “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you Charlie, let this be her perfect day, not yours.”

When he got to the church, he took a quick minute to gather his thoughts and was planning on going to tell the bride he wishes her well.  But he felt that is inappropriate since they haven’t spoken for the last two weeks.

When he finally had gotten the courage to go into the church, he tried to sit somewhere in the middle where Dani won’t see him.  But for some odd reason he was drawn to the front of the church so he can see her beauty up close.  The church was getting packed with people who were wearing outrageous colors.

Neon blue, bright pink, a really really lime green.  Really? Charlie thought to himself.

The music started and the bridesmaids walked down the aisle in a nice lilac one off the shoulder, full length dress with flowers on going across the shoulder.

It was time for the bride.

When Dani walked down the aisle, Charlie’s eyes were widened, and taken aback by how beautiful and simple the dress is. It was a similar pattern to the bridesmaids dresses but a little more elaborate.

When she passed Charlie, the scent of his favorite perfume that she wore filled his nostrils.

He was automatically taken back to the first day of freshman year in high school.  Charlie was nervous, but Dani was there for him the whole way through.

Charlie blanked out, but came back during the exact moment the priest asked if anyone has any objections.  He saw Dani’s shoulders straighten and out like she felt betrayed and like she was let down by Charlie.

Before Charlie knew what he was doing, he stood up and yelled out, I do! His face turned bright red, but he knew he had to do, what he had to do.

He poured his heart and soul into his feelings, and told Dani that he has loved her ever since they were thirteen and wanted to be with her for the rest of her life but he was too late now, she was getting married to an amazing guy and she should have an amazing life with him.

Before Dani could say anything Charlie walked out with his leaky face.  Dani watched as Charlie was leaving the church, but was frozen up on the alter.

The man she was about to marry looked at her, and asked if she has feelings for him.  She stared blankly with her mouth open waiting for something to come out.

When he saw that she wasn’t answering.  He just stormed off leaving her at the altar.   She apologized to everyone in the church and ran down the aisle into the bride’s room at the church.

She just sat there in her wedding dress crying and didn’t know what to do.  She thought about going to Charlie, but she figured he had already left so what’s the use.

Charlie was half way home with his leaky face, and when he got home he opened a bottle of bourbon and started drinking.  It was only noon, but he thought, hey it’s five o’clock somewhere.

It was getting late and Charlie was almost through with the whole bottle.  He heard a knock on the door, and was not happy.

He started shouting, “If you’re trying to sell me something about Jesus I’m not int—-” when he opened the door he saw Dani, hair in a messy bun, white tee shirt that falls a little off her shoulder, ripped jeans and no makeup.


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