People start walking in nervous, cramming in as much information they can 10 minutes before the midterm exam.  

Asking questions. Panicking.

 The professor walks in and lets us study/panic for a few more minutes.  Before he hands out the test he asks,

“Does anyone have any questions or something they need me to go over before I give you the test?”

Basically no one raises their hand because they don’t want to seem unprepared or stupid the day of the test.  There is limited time, everyone is writing, the midterm is only 12 questions.  The professor watching your every move.

You cheat you fail.  

When they first got the test they flipped it over to see how many questions. Some relieved, some petrified.  People quickly write down answers then  cross them out and rewrite something that may sound better.   

During the test you can see the wheels turning in peoples heads.  You can see people thinking that they should have asked him about this or that.  

Some know everything. Some know nothing.

You can see their eyes wandering the room trying to get answers, even though its not multiple choice.  There isn’t a much of a time limit but still people feel rushed because they can see that everyone is halfway done and you are not.  

Once you finish the test you look through it one more time and say okay, I’m done.  When in reality you have no idea which answers are right, which are wrong and which answers make no sense whatsoever.  

You give the professor the test but feel no relief at all.


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